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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Home Grown Chilli

Nothing like plucking fresh vegetables from one's backyard for a meal. In the case of HDB dwellers, very few have the luxury of backyards save the few staying on the ground floor, and even then, it might not always be possible. I was entranced by the idea of a window sill at the kitchen where one could plant one's favourite herb as shown in the Singapore Garden Festival. Ah, my dream could well come true.

With the green fingers of my Indonesian maid (pardon the word maid as this is probably better known), we are having fresh red chillis for our meal. No, it is not at the kitchen, but at the common corridor.

We have yet to reach the "level" of the English flat or even an European house in the alps, but we sure could have our herbs and eat them! (^^)


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